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The Vanderbilt Soccer/Lacrosse Complex is one of the best collegiate venues in the country. Built in 2002, the stadium is located behind the McGugin Center on the site of the old Vanderbilt Soccer Field. At a cost of almost two million dollars, the facility features improvements for fans, media, and players alike. Fans have 2,400 seats on the main structure of the stadium along the west side of the field. In addition, there are locker rooms, meeting rooms, public restrooms and a concession stand located underneath the grandstands.

Media can cover the game from the state-of-the-art press box area at the top of the stadium. The playing surface consists of a Tiftsport grass on top of sand cap drainage and water cannon irrigation systems. The field's lighting system, installed on four 90 foot towers, offers perfect visibility during night games.

The Vanderbilt Soccer & Lacrosse Facility enjoyed upgrades to the facility in 2006.


Jack Lafield, father of former soccer player Lea Lafield, donated the lead gift that has enabled the first two phases of a three-tier plan to be implemented prior to the start of the 2006 season.

Phase I of the project included covered two-level player benches on the sidelines for both the home and visiting teams as well as a new scorers' table separating the two.

Phase II of the project, added enhancements to the team room beneath the spectator seats. The $30,000 upgrade was funded by gifts from parents of the 2006 players as well.

Phase III of the project focused upon improving the team's locker room housed in the McGugin Center.